Monday, April 23, 2007

Run, Forrest, Run!

One day, for no paticalar reason, I started runnin. I ran all the way to the end of Chicago. And since I run that far, I kept on runnin, clear across the great state of Illinois. And you know what? I ran all the way to California, and got me a internship at some fruit companay.

I sure hope Jennay can come visit me. I hear they have lotsa them special cigarrets she likes so much.

Update: Ridiculous Fish beats me at my own movie-referencing game, and 10 days earlier to boot. If my calculations are correct, this will inspire a wildly popular Forrest Gump/LOTR mashup that youtube will promptly delete.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

C'mon In, The Water's Fine.

A big warm welcome to CodeBeach.

The goal of this site is to create a central repository where Mac developers can share pieces of useful code (like custom controls, formatters, categories) which is easier to search/use than forums or mailing lists.

This is way overdue. An OS X opensource public domain repository of freely re-usable code, with no bullshit licenses to muck things up. These guys have the right idea, and I urge everyone to contribute what they can, if at all possible.

Many thanx to briksoftware for creating this.