Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Score One For Curious George

My sources in Washington D.C. report that Dubya went to great lengths to schedule tonight's address. From planting moles inside Apple to buying iPods for all of the most influential journalists, no expense was spared. George's plan was executed without a hitch, and his most controversial address to date was carried out at exactly the perfect time.

Here's what was going through his head while he read from the teleprompter:

"I have decided to say 'Fuck You' to 65% of Americans, Gawd knows how many Iraqis, and whoever those guys are who did that report thingy. And probly Congress, too. Since you're all shitting yourselves about the iPhone, you're not even listening to me! Here it comes, bitches- iRock '07! Woohoo! No dictator? No WMDs? Who cares?! We got OS X on a phone!"

Yeehaw, people. 20,000 iRock fans can't be wrong.


Travis said...

Blake, you're surprisingly funny! Keep it coming.

Grace said...