Sunday, February 25, 2007

Open Letter Regarding Display Eater

To Reza Hussain:

There is a lack of official information about versions of Display Eater that predate version 1.85, which is the version I decompiled. You were interviewed by a Swedish web site, and allegedly provided the information we are looking for, but the English translation of that interview is currently only available through a third party.

Reza, I respectfully request an answer to this question:

Did previous versions of Display Eater delete files and/or folders other than your own Application Support folder?

I recognize that version 1.85 only deletes files that your app created, and I only ask this question to provide facts to the Mac community, and to conclude this sad chapter of our shared history.

Be assured that I am not interested in harassing you, whatever your answer may be. We just want to know the truth. In the interest of preserving what is left of your good reputation, please enlighten us, in English.

Thank you.

To everyone else:

The comments to this post are reserved for Reza, and polite commenters. Inflammatory comments will be removed, as there are countless other outlets for those sentiments.

Thank you.


Reza Hussain said...

Version 1.85 was the only release to feature deletion.

Version 1.85 was released three times. Version 1 had no deletion, version 2 had home folder deletion, and version 3 had display eater preferences deletion.

I can answer more questions, but I have class today, so they might be spaced out.

Blake C. said...

Thank you for clarifying this, that's all we wanted to know. I assume from the changed code that you've realized what a bad idea the home folder deletion was.

Several successful Mac devs have published their thoughts on copy protection in the past year or so. If you're interested, search through the blogs listed at Maybe you'll find their thoughts helpful.

Good luck in the future.